2020 Partners

As one of the world’s leading omnichannel retail solution providers, the Retail Party 2020 is a great informal networking opportunity to meet up with our existing clients as well as new retailers to facilitate best practice exchange, understand their challenges and share Cegid’s vision and experience on how to ensure retailers across the world leverage omnichannel opportunities and never miss a sale !
Contentsquare provides clients with cutting-edge solutions that help them understand their digital audience so they can better connect with them every step of the way. They empower everyone on the digital team to measure the impact of their actions.
The trends in retail are driven by an evolving technological landscape. To remain competitive, retailers can no longer operate through silo channels. By embracing technological trends and preparing for them, retailers can look to the upcoming years as another positive opportunity to grow.
Bpifrance is the one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, serving the future by being entrepreneur-centric and heavily decentralized.
There has never been a more exciting time to be at the intersection of retail and technology and to participate in the NRF 2020. Retail is being reimagined. Yes, the challenges are real: intense industry disruption, having to do more with less, the need to differentiate oneself to stay relevant... but the opportunities are endless. Come and meet Microsoft at the Retail Party 2020!
Botify gives SEO stakeholders the data, tools, and diagnostics necessary to create and maintain high quality digital assets for search engines and voice assistants.
Our exclusive all-business-class airline is the best way for retailers to cross the Atlantic with state of the art comfort and a seamless passenger experience throughout their journey, and all at a reasonable price. Being a partner of the Retail Party 2020 is a way to introduce our brand new aircraft - delivered in June 2019 - including 76 full flat seats and free unlimited high-speed wifi, to the leaders of this growing industry!
Criteo is part of the global retail ecosystem and has been partnering with retailers to always exceed their objectives for years. Attending the Retail Party is key for Criteo as the whole retail family will be there. Criteo wants to collaborate with them, from the new retail startup to the more advanced retailer, by providing marketing solutions covering the entire funnel (from branding, to consideration, to conversion).
Because we think that retail advertising should focus on creative design and new content, not data, we consolidate and structure your promotional marketing data to power all your channels faster and safer. Retail tech is now, we want to be a part of it!

Partnership Opportunities

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Founded in 2014, FrenchFounders is the next-generation Business Club. We facilitate business exchanges within an exceptional community of over 4,000 French-speaking CEOs, top executives, entrepreneurs and investors across 40 cities around the world.

Retail company

The Retail Club defines a retailer as a company whose core business is to sell consumer goods directly to the end consumer via storefront, catalog, television or online. Chain restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores are included in this definition. The company must own the merchandise it sells and be able to provide a business license confirming their status upon request.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) company

The Retail Club defines a CPG company as one that sells non-durable goods to other businesses that are consumed by the average consumer.

Consumer services company

The Retail Club defines a consumer services company as one whose core business is providing services to the end consumer. Examples include rental services, ride sharing services, subscription services, streaming services, etc.

Private/investment holding company/venture capital

A private equity investment, financial holding, or venture capital company is one that is the ultimate parent company and has full ownership of the retail brand(s).

The Retail Club does not consider you a “retailer” if:

  • Your company has not yet launched, there are no stores or online sales opportunities, you do not have a website, and there is no way to verify your retailer status.
  • Your company does not sell merchandise to consumers. Your company manufactures consumer goods that can primarily be purchased through third-party distribution partners (excluding franchisees);
  • Your company primarily sells business-to-business or wholesale. While an individual consumer could purchase a product from you directly, most of your customers are businesses. Example: A company that sells point of sales systems primarily sells them to businesses.
  • Your company runs a website, provides an ecommerce platform, and/or processes transactions on behalf of a retailer as a third-party. Example: ABC Company runs the website for XYZ Retailer, but its staff is employed by ABC Company. ABC is the vendor and XYZ is the Retailer.
  • Your company aggregates and sells/auctions merchandise that is owned by other companies/individuals and/or you provide a service by which retailers’ products are promoted and sold through your website. The messaging on your parent company’s website primarily discusses things such as “solutions,” “services,” “apps,” “partners,” and/or “clients” and gives no indication of, or links to, any subsidiary retail companies.
  • Your company’s primary purpose is to develop/produce, manage, promote, or distribute “apps” (mobile applications).